Doctor Bobo Blankson

Adolescent Medicine Specialist, Coach, Wellness Enthusiast, and Father


A Different Kind of Doctor

A graduate of Harvard College and the Yale School of Medicine, Dr. Kwabena “Bobo” Blankson is a world-renowned doctor, speaker, and author on the subject of Positive Medicine.  Blankson trained as a pediatrician specialized in Adolescent Medicine while serving 17 years in the military. Upon separating from the military, Blankson joined Girls to Women Health & Wellness/Young Men’s Health & Wellness as a partner in Dallas. Building on his unique Ghanaian heritage and Alabama upbringing, Doctor Bobo offers a fresh perspective on the intersection of mindset and medicine. He's the co-host of a podcast series called "Dare to Dad," and has been featured in The New York Times, TIME, CNN, Forbes, CBS News, and in Oprah’s Happiness OCourse. The father of 3 girls, Doctor Bobo is also parent coach on BLOOM and currently serves on the board of The Athlete Foundry.

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Giving parents the tools to succeed

Are you ready to level up your parenting? After helping hundreds of families, I've seen firsthand that coaching helps parents to gain confidence and clarity. There's less arguing and better conversation. Your teen is happier. And the beauty is that coaching doesn't have to take forever. A few small tweaks can make a massive difference.

Drawing on my experience as an adolescent medicine specialist, I coach parents in largely the same way that I practice medicine--starting with mutual submission, engaging in real talk, and sharing actionable ideas informed by both mental and physical health best practices. I'd love to work with you too.


Writing with a Purpose

Few teens want to be told what to do. They want to be entertained--and along the way, they might get inspired. That's I write middle grade and young adult novels--to connect through creativity and hopefully, make a positive difference through my themes of self-discovery and adventure.

To date, I've written two novels. But word on the street is that a sequel to The Saucier's Bones might be brewing...

When Benjamin Brew went to bed last night, he was just your average, awkward teenager, on the eve of his 18th birthday. When he wakes up in the morning, Brew discovers he's a married, ex-military doctor with three kids and the worst headache of his life. His birthday just got a bit more interesting...
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Meet 11-year-old Jerry Pasta, the youngest-ever student to begin Master Chef training at Pesto's International School of Culinary Excellence in Italy. Many in the cooking world believe that Jerry is destined to be the the one to save the world. But Jerry doesn't want that responsibility...
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